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Oct 28

Mouse middle-click and WebKit browsers

Recently, I worked on a bug reported by our user about broken middle-click functionality on one specific page. First what you do when you found such a bug report you are trying to reproduce it. I went to this page in production environment using Firefox and everything worked as expected. I went to this page …

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Jul 30

JavaScript promise

There is still this book on my shelf I am trying to finish: Head First Design Patterns. I know I could get a great knowledge, I do not have now, just by reading this book. But from the other site, I know that by only reading it I will not be able to make any …

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Jun 16

jQuery event object

This post is copy of a part of previous post. I’ve just started to adding new updates to the previous one and finally decided to make it a different one What is it about? It’s about something most of you know if you work a lot with jQuery or if you read its documentation more …

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May 29

Short post #2

I did not have time to work on a particular case. And that is why this month’s post is the second one from “Short posts” series I would like to mention here few things which were/are occupying my time recently. Maybe in June I’ll write more focused on one topic and longer post (however it …

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Apr 22

Talks by AKAI & Wikia

Last weekend we started all Engineering All Hands 2012. It made my days even shorten than before. Finally, I’m relaxing this weekend: sleeping, playing games, taking long walks, reading… and (I made it!) writing. This time it will be just a short post about cooperation between AKAI, which is web-application fans’ club gathering students from …

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Mar 25

php constant() function

Even though I’ve been creating PHP applications and small pages for few years there are still lots of surprising and sometimes magic abilities of this language. Some of them we heard from other programmers. Some we discover during our daily work. Today I’d like to share with you about a built-in function which the way …

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