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Feb 11

Summary of “High Performance Web Sites” by Steve Souders

Finally I did read the book I mentioned in my previous post. Here are the 14 steps/rules presented by Steve Souders and my short description of them. Make fewer HTTP requests The main rule which is connected to some of the next rules. It’s also the most effective for first-time visitors to your web site …

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Feb 01

Was Steve Souders wrong?

Hi! Wow, it’s been a while again. Sorry about that but the end of December and entire January were really busy for me. The fact I had 6 updates waiting in my WordPress dashboard just proves more how long I didn’t visit this page. Nothing changes about me having no time for anything… The same …

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May 13

Server-side JavaScript and 3rd devmeeting

Have you ever heard about JavaScript? Of course you have! And maybe you didn’t like it as much as I didn’t around 5 years ago. I didn’t like it mostly because it was really hard to debug. But after Firefox and its plug-in Firebug appeared it started to be a lot easier. Not mentioning here …

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