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Oct 28

Mouse middle-click and WebKit browsers

Recently, I worked on a bug reported by our user about broken middle-click functionality on one specific page. First what you do when you found such a bug report you are trying to reproduce it. I went to this page in production environment using Firefox and everything worked as expected. I went to this page …

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Jul 30

JavaScript promise

There is still this book on my shelf I am trying to finish: Head First Design Patterns. I know I could get a great knowledge, I do not have now, just by reading this book. But from the other site, I know that by only reading it I will not be able to make any …

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Jun 16

jQuery event object

This post is copy of a part of previous post. I’ve just started to adding new updates to the previous one and finally decided to make it a different one What is it about? It’s about something most of you know if you work a lot with jQuery or if you read its documentation more …

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May 29

Short post #2

I did not have time to work on a particular case. And that is why this month’s post is the second one from “Short posts” series I would like to mention here few things which were/are occupying my time recently. Maybe in June I’ll write more focused on one topic and longer post (however it …

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