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Apr 30

Design patterns: factory

Abstract factory pattern diagram

Next chapter in the book is quite long but it presents actually two design patterns: factory method and abstract factory. Both are explained to the reader in the same context: you are an owner of successful pizza shop. At the beginning the code of an application which helps you with your pizza shop is really …

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Mar 31

Design patterns: decorator

starbuzz decorator diagram

It is about time for next design pattern which I have learnt by reading the book I have already mentioned several times[1, 2] on this blog Let’s do not make this prelude too long and start with book examples of decorator pattern. Book examples This time we learn Starbuzz Coffee. They got really popular and their …

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Feb 23

Design patterns: observer

observer pattern diagram

As I promised myself every month one design pattern from the book will be described by me on this blog. This month’s design pattern is the observer pattern. I will start with definition this time: The Observer Pattern defines a one-to-many dependency between objects so that when one object changes state, all of its dependents …

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Jan 14

Design patterns: strategy

strategy pattern diagram

I became a little bit lazier at the end of previous year. Of course in terms of taking care of this blog But, new year has come! And as it usually is new goals are slowly being visible on the horizon. One of those goals for me will be getting more familiar with software design …

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Apr 22

Talks by AKAI & Wikia

Last weekend we started all Engineering All Hands 2012. It made my days even shorten than before. Finally, I’m relaxing this weekend: sleeping, playing games, taking long walks, reading… and (I made it!) writing. This time it will be just a short post about cooperation between AKAI, which is web-application fans’ club gathering students from …

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Mar 25

php constant() function

Even though I’ve been creating PHP applications and small pages for few years there are still lots of surprising and sometimes magic abilities of this language. Some of them we heard from other programmers. Some we discover during our daily work. Today I’d like to share with you about a built-in function which the way …

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