Sep 29

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Almost two weeks ago Damian Wielgosik announced on his ferrante.pl blog new project connected directly with JavaScript: javascript.pl. Shortly after Damian’s post another post (on chemikpil.pl blog) about the project appeared. And Andrzej Mazur reminded on his blog that javascript.pl domain had been bought by Damian a while ago. He seemed glad that finally something is going to happen on this address.

The project is really interesting and is supposed to help newbies in web-development world. The short tips should be, in my believe, short enough not to tire the reader but also rich enough to provide her with up-to-date knowledge and good practices in JavaScript world. And everyone can make this knowledge-base bigger since its sources are available via GitHub. However, as the author mentioned in his blog post, the “merge” button will be clicked by him only after very subjective judgment. And I have already learnt about it since my pull request has been hanging there for a while ;)

But I still believe it is a good idea. And I will keep watching it :) I think polish Internet also received it very positively. And I found similar project called JavaScript Garden by reading comments below Damian’s post. Maybe he could ask authors of the garden to import some of their tips. At the begining, I thought it wasn’t good idea to duplicate the content, waste space. But on the other hand probably many people from Poland who would like to learn something would search on it in polish language. And maybe this is the reason why javascript.pl should stay alive for a long time and be updated as often as possible.

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